Chrissie’s great achievement

chrissie_smlChrissie, the oldest of the McClure Daughters, recently gained her Master of of Teaching in Primary Education, she already has her Bachelor of Nursing. On completion of her nursing degree, she assisted in operating rooms at the Womens and Childrens Hospital in Adelaide. Whilst in the outback she was always there to assist her people in times of accident or illness.

Watch out, Sharapova!  Chrissie's on fire!

Watch out, Sharapova!
Chrissie’s on fire!

She acheived both degrees over the past 7 years with hard persistant ongoing study in distance education courses over the internet. She completed the majority of her teaching degree whilst managing her family property in the outback with her husband Bill.

She also had to fit in, plan and organise 3 – 4 week blocks of teaching and as a result, she became very resiliant in juggling the teaching of her three young sons in distance education, the School of the Air, with the other station outside and household duties.

Now with both degrees, Chrissie intends to work out how best she can assist her fellow country people whether they live in the outback or in more settled areas.

Chrissie who has an “iron woman” constitution, has shaped her life on survival,outlook and principles – like all of her sisters she has a resiliant spirit that underpins her grace.