Mission Statement

Rural Organics has developed a reputation for supplying the finest quality organic and bio-dynamic meats.

Rural Organics is the experienced certified organic and bio-dynamic meat supplier that can guarantee quality and consistency of supply.

Rural Organics offers the healthy choice in certified organic and bio-dynamic better eating meat.

Rural Organics has a unique network of dedicated organic and bio-dynamic meat producers north, south, east and west of the magnificent Darling River.

The discerning palate will detect the true flavours which are inherent of the 100% healthy natural environment on which the stock graze.

A healthy environment means healthy soil, which means healthy food, which means healthy people.

Managing director of Rural Organics, Janie McClure, believes that her Rural Organics brand will become the premium organic brand in the Australian and export markets.

The McClure Family property has an amazing heritage in Australia’s outback near Wilcannia. They are dedicated to the production of premium quality certified organic wool, lamb, beef, grains and gypsum for organic farms.

Rural Organics has achieved registration with National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) and Bio Dynamic Research Institute (Demeter).