ORA - Organics for Rural AustraliaORA, the subsidiary of Rural Organics, provides certification assistance and mentoring for producers, processors and exporters.

Since 2001, they have successfully mentored many growers with their organic and bio dynamic certification. They have also mentored abattoirs and processors. (See under Services to download initial Service Form).

Part of their service is a written training course, together with one on one assistance for all questions and queries.

Rural Organics has Certificate of Registration with Demeter Bio-dynamic and The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA).

This allows the grower to approach Rural Organics with their product. Most times, Rural Organics can achieve a premium for the grower’s product and also ensures that the product retains its integrity.

Likewise, certified organic processors can source their required certified organic product from Rural Organics. This enables them to forward their product to the domestic and international markets. This means that the consumer can then purchase certified organic products, knowing that it has integrity.

Rural Organics offers assistance to all those involved along the production chain. We have expert experience in supplying the required forms and we also assist with the completion of these forms.

Grace McClure - young Australian certified organic farmer

Grace McClure – young Australian certified organic farmer

“The strongest motives for farmers in these competitive times are productivity and profitability, and fortunately that is what conversion to organics mean. In an ideal world, everyone would farm organically, simply to develop and co-exist with the environment – however farmers need to survive and it is excellent that sustaining the environment is a direct result of organic farmers improving their lifestyles, products and profits”