Team Rural Organics is a Winner!


At Rural Organics, we put our Team first, so it was a huge buzz to win the 10km Team category, at the Melbourne Marathon in October. It was Alice, (Janie’s 3rd daughter), who with her competitive juices flowing, sparked the idea to create the Rural Organics Team and try to win their mixed social category, just for a bit of fun.  She realized that the winning times from last years team event, were close to the best times her sisters and friends could run, so thought, “why not get a team together and give it a go!” As long as we all gave it our best effort, had fun, encouraged and supported each other,  we would have been happy, so it was huge bonus to discover that we won! There were  eleven team members; Mum, four of her daughters, three grandsons, a granddaughter, and some awesome friends too.


Drought Relief

Unfortunately the family property which is one of Rural Organics meat suppliers, along with many Aussie Farms, is currently battling one of the worst droughts in modern history. So this was a much needed and happy diversion which created a great memory for all and lifted everyone’s spirits.

Health Benefits, especially for women:

Janies daughters all say eating organic red meat is a vital iron, protein and energy source to help their everyday wellbeing and achieve their life goals. Eating organic is even better because you know you are doing something good for our planet and that animal care and wellbeing is priority.  Here is what qualified personal trainer and life counsellor, Gracie had to say on her instagram page about Rural Organics Red meat:

Gracie’s experience:

“It really is ironfood! We are all different & need to do what works for our own bodies. Women and runners in particular need more iron rich foods and absorbing it through red meat is amazingly good for you (especially if you have vitamin C with it & reduce caffeine when you have it). I respect people’s choices and I actually tried to be a vegetarian for nine months and lost most of my mojo/energy and became anemic despite researching and working with my doctor to try to supplement with iron tabs & other foods. My body just couldn’t get or absorb iron without red meat – So I decided eating organic red meat is my best option whenever I can. Now, my energy levels are great. I love animals and I choose organic.”

In our eyes, as long as you give any challenge life throws at you, your honest, total and best effort to overcome it, you are winning!