Jackman’s growing organically and flourishing in life

Peter and Leanne Jackman have a beautiful Demeter/Bio-Dynamic certified
farm at the base of the Grampians near Dadswellbridge

They supply British breed second cross bio -dynamic lambs and Angus/Hereford
beef into the Rural Organics butcher shops in Melbourne and Sydney
Their animals are always well sort after from our shops and their customers
as their product is always of the highest quality as well as having amazing

In July this year they decided to try finishing some Nelyambo Hereford/black
baldy steers from Janie McClure’s outback property.
They have “turned them” into well finished quality cattle in a short amount
of time and already plan to trade them into Rural Organic’s markets.

Outside of their farm they spend quality time with their 4 beautiful
daughers and delightful grandchildren They are also very conscientious
“time givers” to the the Dadswell and Horsham community.