Glen & Michelle Heather –  Sunningdale

    Elite Demeter growers, Glen & Michelle Heather, supply lambs for most of the year for Rural Organics.

    The Heathers grow and finish their lambs in a stress-free environment and the resulting product is well sought after by Melbourne’s leading biodynamic processors and butchers.

    Glen & Michelle also process and market their own biodynamic safflower and flaxseed (linseed) oil products; the safflower grown themselves using biodynamic preparations to enhance their soils.

    At the root of their biodynamic mixed farm, the animals are fed from crops grown on the farm and in turn, those crops, along with food crops, are fertilized with composted manure from the same animals, imitating the self-sufficiency of nature.

    The result: healthier soils, crops with higher nutrient levels and healthy, chemical-free animals.sunningdale-lambs sunningdale-products