You are a Wonderful Mother – by Grace McClure

We are so proud of our Gracie’s book – You are a Wonderful Mother.

“Everything is fixable”, Grace McClure’s trainer told her during a dark time when she thought nothing she did was of worth and she herself was worth nothing. We all face moments of fear, doubt and depression, and sometimes these moments feel like they will last forever. In the face of this, the answer is a flame, a voice inside of us simply waiting for us to quiet down and listen.

In her new book, You are a Wonderful Mother: The story of one woman finding her strength within, Grace McClure reveals the hardships, lessons and joys of her life so we all can find balance, empowerment and love within ourselves.

Grace’s life journey has taken her from childhood in rural New South Wales, through an international career in modeling and television, an unexpected pregnancy and an eating disorder, to becoming a joyous mother of two, an endurance athlete and a spiritual healer. In each chapter, she offers an affirmation, each more powerful than the last, for building strength and acceptance. With this trust in our hearts, we can all experience unbounded love in our connection with our spirit and with the world.

“I can ask for and receive help easily when I need it, this is not a weakness; rather, it is a strength” Grace tells us, and proof is in her experiences of coming into herself and her role as a nurturer, a mother, a guide. Positive change can happen when we have the courage to try, and keep trying, to live our dreams.