‘McClure & Daughters’

Rural Organics is growing and we are proud to have launched our new, ‘McClure & Daughter’s range of Organic meat. We are happy to share that we have expanded and evolved to creating and supplying our own brand of amazingly, delicious and nutritious, portioned organic meat.

We at Rural Organics are passionate about health and wellness, we don’t like nasty chemicals and we care about the  treatment of animals, soil and environment, which is why we are so passionate about Organics.

Many of our customers, clients, close friends and family have been loving the taste of our organic meat for years and asking us where we can get more…..  So now we can finally tell you, ‘McClure & Daughers’ Organic portioned meat is here! Alice, Janie’s middle daughter has been the driving force behind this new venture.

Alice refining her 'butcher skills' at a wonderful promotional workshop at Hagen's Organics, Prahran Markets

Alice refining her ‘butcher skills’ at a wonderful promotional workshop at Hagen’s Organics, Prahran Markets

McClure & Daughter’s portioned meat is available at boutique butchers, fruit, vegetable, grocery stores and supermarkets such as Toscano’s of Kew, Commercial Meat’s at Camberwell Markets, TOM’S South Melbourne Markets, P&A Organic Meat’s Magill Road in Kensington, Adelaide.