Alice goes Wild off-shore!

UBSwildthingAlice, the twice Ironman Hawaii World Championships daughter, recently completed her first off-shore sailing experience. On 25th Jul 2009, Alice was part of a 12 man crew, under the guidance of Skipper/Owner Geoff Lavis, that sailed the 50 footer, UBS Wild Thing, in the annual Sydney to Gold Coast Yacht Race. Fondly nicknamed “The Flying Toothpick”, Wild Thing streaked home in time of 2days, 9hours, 39mins, 40secs to take out the Noakes Line Honours trophy for 50ft & under.

alice_sailingAlice really is an amazing young woman who achieves so much and does so well because she is so focused on her goals. She is also very determined and the complete professional with her preparation, be it for triathlons or sailing – and all on top of being a lovely girl and beautiful daughter.

This is what she wrote to Geoff after the race.  I think she has the Sydney to Hobart in her sights now!

Dear Geoff,

What an experience – thank you for giving me the opportunity to do a race off-shore. I loved it – it was amazing.

Just thought I would share 12 things about my 1st Off Shore experience:

12 = number of crew
11 = 11 party pies consumed just by me
10 = 10th across the line
9 = Bottles of “Stephano Lubiana” chardonnay consumed at Lunch by everyone
8 = My crew number
7 = Times vomiting (approximately)
6 = Number crew in my “watch”
5 = Bottles of champagne celebrating (not all consumed by me – but about half)
4 = Number of hours sleep on the arrival night/morning
3 = Times thinking – “I understand why Pip doesn’t want to go off shore anymore”
2 = 2nd time outside the heads, 2nd on handicapp
1 = 1st time off shore, 1st time sailing in the dark, 1st time sea sick, 1st time sleeping on yacht, 1st Yacht over the line “50 feet and under”, 1st time “breaking a bunk” and landing on you & 1st time use of a harness and tether. I am sure there are more but I can’t think of them at the moment.

The smile of a winner. Champagne Alice celebrates in the latest dress code for Wild Thing.


Can’t wait for the Summer Series to start – my Sundays are very quiet now with no sailing.

Many thanks,