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Liner does Ironman Melbourne 2014

Lucky number 983

Lucky number 983

Caroline (daughter #4) competed in Ironman Melbourne on March 24th.

An Ironman is not for the faint-hearted, comprising of a 3.8km swim; followed by a 180km bike ride; only to then finish by running a 42.2km marathon!  She did very well by completing it in 10 hours 15 minutes and came 7th in her age group. Continue reading

Caroline joins the Elite

Carloline Ashby, no-20Caroline Ashby has recently joined the ranks of a very elite group in the triathlon world; those who venture out of the Age Groupers and into the Open Division! A mother of two, living and training in rural WA, Caroline is an inspirational example of how if you want it badly enough and are willing to work for it, you can make it happen. The fact that she’s loaded with the McClure natural athletic talent doesn’t hurt either! Continue reading


Caroline conquers Busselton Half Ironman!

Busselton JettyThe venue was beautiful Busselton, south of Perth in Western Australia. The date was Saturday 4th May 2009, where Caroline, Daughter No.4, was about to perform her first Half Ironman. The preparation for this event involved the usual self-discipline and training that is required for such endurance events, however the circumstances differed for Caroline. Continue reading

Alice in Busselton

by Gini Gale

Who would’ve thought, this little urchin from the bush would be going to Hawaii? Living and experiencing the challenges the environment throws out living in the outback, seeing this life, you think she can deal with anything.

Not knowing that she has “School of the Air” and “Boarding School”, now you would think she could survive anything; but wait..there’s more. Continue reading